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Bilz Squad Gaming

Standard Review

Bilz Squad Gaming have a lovely website with a healthy amount of members. The graphics are well done and appealing on the eye.

The leadership is very active and they have a lot of new plans to move their clan forward. I know they will be introducing awards/achievements, so I won’t go on out about this too much. I would suggest that you increase member engagement and there are many ways to do this.

Finally, an active member list would be a good idea, so that new recruits know who to add and contact with issues.

Your community has achieved 7 out of a possible 10 achievements. Check out the achievements you haven’t received and work at trying to achieve the.

Well done so far! This new clan is certainly going places.

Thumbs Up

  • Graphics
  • Ranks
  • COC/About Us
  • Competitive – GB
  • Clean & Sleek website
  • Clan Store

 Thumbs Down

  • No members page
  • No awards
  • Low member engagement


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CV Rating's Seal (4 Stars)

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